Friday, August 19, 2011

back-to-school week {inspiring ideas}

some things i would like to do before school starts are:
get the girls hair cuts
organize clothing into easy to grab outfits (mine too)
organize in general to keep things running smoothly
oh, and finish unpacking!!! oops!
we will get there in time, i'm sure and to motivate me and the girls
i also plan to do lots of these fun ideas...

make a back-to-school centerpiece
via pinterest (no link found)

here are some ideas from that one lady, Martha Stewart - 
you might have heard of her? anyway...

what a fun back-to-school week here on lollipops, i hope you were inspired!
thanks for joining me!
happy weekend!


  1. Hi ya! You've been awarded! Look here:

  2. ooh---those jeans would be cute :)

  3. too cute, all these little details make going back to school fun and interesting. and even though my siblings and I were home schooled our mom never let us miss out on the fun things one can create to go back to school. I love the lunch notes and the printed bags.


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