Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I Love Wednesday {No. 81}

i love books. i have really gotten into reading. it's like a hook. i'm drawn.

i relax each night quite late after web designing/coding, putting the kids to bed, cleaning, web design some more... then i sit on the chair and a half with tea or cold water, tuck two pillows behind my back, put my feet up, and open my book. i used to read about a book a year and enjoyed it but i moved so slowly. so i joined a book club 2 years ago and read a book about every 6 weeks for about 6 months, then we moved. i made a goal to read 10 books this year which was a big jump from my normal progress. so far i have read 8 books this year! i am ahead of schedule, yay! i am on goodreads if you want to see my books and aimless reviews. i am currently reading The Passage... i do not know why, however, i can't put the book down.
reading each night helps me get super sleepy;
after an hour or so i just want to pass out! 
i think a good book is like a friend, beautiful in many ways and i am happy to see it and can't wait to hear what it has to say. i'm familiar with the characters and their quirks, so i become involved, invested in this "relationship".
it's also like therapy, there are so many people broken in many different ways - the human condition. the book is there for you whenever you want to open it. it calms me at the end of the day - a harmless addiction.
and it's like an ocean's waves, sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous. an intriguing pull of emotions (hopefully)
slang seah for national geographic
for the record i am a hardcover reader, not an e-reader. i read one book on a nook and it's just not me. i love feeling the pages in my hand, physically seeing my progress, smelling the paper, and holding it's weight. i love walking into libraries and book stores and beholding the array of spines and vast amount of volumes - it's like being surrounded by love to me.
have you ever noticed that authors sometimes have a character who is really into books? lately it's in every book i read, i think it's their love for books revealed in their writing.
anyway this blog post was not meant to be a book but it seems to be on it's way to being one so i'll stop here :)
i can't wait to see what you're loving today!
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