Thursday, August 9, 2012

fashion 911

ok, so, i'm going to a fancy shmancy ball this weekend.
i'm getting my hair did and i got this dress at Anthro
i am pleased to say it is quite flattering and as long as i starve myself (a.k.a., not eating brownies for a few days) then i look pretty darn nice in it.

so now i need to know what color nail polish i should wear...
the ball i am attending is fancy, yet most of the people are hip and from the surf industry. i want to look sophisticated without looking boring. do i wear black polish? white? orange? or no polish?
i broke a couple of nails this week due to lifting and putting together a few heavy objects that have something to do with IKEA and something to do with a workspace makeover and something to do with a super fun blog post next week... i digress. so i have a few long and a few short nails, i will probably trim them all to match, so they will be a bit shorter than my usual length...
 what color would you recommend? do you have a favorite?