Friday, August 17, 2012

The Waterman's Ball

the surfer guy and i attended the 2012 SIMA Waterman's Ball last weekend.
thank you so much for helping me choose nail polish to go with my dress!

my dress from anthro
shoes are from guess

polish is 'las vegas' from L'Oréal jetset

we had a blast!
watching the sunset over the ocean in Dana Point

we are on transworld's coverage of the event.

the lifetime achievement award went to Sean Collins founder of Surfline, may he rest in peace. Sean was a great man, father, and husband. he leaves behind a legacy for all those who enjoy the ocean.

the environmentalist of the year was Jean-Michel Cousteau, Jacques Cousteau's son who has continued his father's legacy and educates children and adults around the world about the ocean.

the waterman of the year award went to big wave surfer Shane Dorian. Shane is a great guy who's passion is simply to find the biggest waves in the world and ride them. Shane is inspired by other surfers, and is a huge influence in the surfing world.

SIMA continues to raise money for many ocean charities around the world. as of last weekend they have raised a total of over $6 million for the ocean. learn about SIMA and waterman's weekend here.

the auction was so fun! the dinner the Ritz created for us was insanely delicious. 
the weather was fabulous. the date night was priceless.