Friday, August 3, 2012


this was such a fun week!

instagramed a fun blog post :)

self explanatory? well i haven't read the book, figured it could wait ;)

we went to little Italy for their farmers market - what would the streets of
little italy be without accordion music? love it!

we took the train there and back. so fun! (my first train ride)

manimonday - olympic rings. go USA!

polar bear plunge at the san diego zoo.
we spent a day there and had a blast!

this "baby" hippo is 18 months old and 900 pounds!
he's about 1/4 of his mother's size! a must see!

panda. one of the pandas just had a baby, it was 2 days old when we were
there, but the baby won't be out for a couple of months. 
it was fun to see the pandas at the zoo

huge giraffes! so cute!

on the skyfari high over the zoo.

my souvenir mug, coffee the next morning :)

YES!!! happy mail :)

first day of cheer for my two girls. proud mama.

brownie time. hot out of the oven!

how was your week?

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