Friday, July 27, 2012


started last weekend off with a fig and walnut salad. yum!

did muh nails ;)

i'm a café au lait girl - i like a bit of coffee with my cream.

lovely beach sunset.

sometimes i can't believe the iPhone camera - so nice on this yellow hibiscus.


tagged by four flights of fancy on instagram - 5 random things about me :)

monday mani! this was a fun one!

asking what color(s) should i paint this dresser in my kitchen?
kitchen is white and taupe. please help!

went to the miniature railroad museum in balboa park. amazing!

the girls had to have a lemonade stand...

it worked out because we also made lemonade ice cubes for yesterday's DIY
and yes i am really showing off my fun manicure!

and popsicles the next night. summer is fun!

decided i should give blood. so i did :)


Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley