Friday, July 6, 2012


here's my week through instagram...
my week started off with this. 
poor kid. he got hit by the corner of the wall.

then off to the point loma tide pools. lots of fun!

a little sharing of the blog from Monday onto instagram :)

decorating the backyard for tuesday's post.

off to the fair on the 4th. yikes! went with my teenage daughter - had a blast!

up, up, over the fair way up high! weeeeeee.
(hmmm, my legs look hairy here, but i shaved so it must be dirt from the fair. #tmi)

this was a very fun drop. 3 seconds of true terror - you really feel like you are falling! 
then i was all smiles :)

fireworks. yes, we live in san diego, no we did not see the big fireworks flop. 
we watched the ones at the fair thankfully, and they were fantastic!

what a super fun week!
how was yours?
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