Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day & Night 4th of July Backyard Lights

i took a little bike i spray painted red from TJ Maxx (it was black).
added 3 flags $1.00 each from Target neatly in a clear mason jar.
a ceramic solar light and some string lights...

i love these old fashioned looking string lights :)
i hung them in a "V" shape over our backyard and down the kitchen window.

i love the blue ceramic solar powered tabletop lighting from Target,
it automatically turns on at night and charges in the sun :)
and it's just so pretty!

hanging all the lights made me immediately think of sparky (chevy chase)
from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...
...yes i am a little clumsy and couldn't get the little tree lights untangled,
but i guess i am not lighting 25000 light bulbs so...

$3 flags, $16.99 solar light, $11.99 old fashioned lights, 
$30 bike including spray paint $0 mason jar from classico pasta sauce ;) 
and $19.99 for outdoor small tree lights = total $81.97 +tax
however, since i already had the bike and the little tree lights i only spent $31.98 :) yay!
always incorporate the old or upcycle to save.

any fun 4th of July projects?
what are your family plans for the fourth?