Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I Love Wednesday {No. 40}

i am loving knit and cozy lovelies...
i am not a knitter, but i do love and appreciate these gorgeous works of labor, sigh.
i have to have those little knit baskets *i die*
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how about you?
what are you loving today?



  1. that quilt is sooo beautiful! usually i am not into quilts, but the knit details make that one pretty amazing!

  2. I agree, the quilt is amazing. What a lot of time and patience that must have taken!

  3. I love knitted clothing, warmest things ever! My mom can knit up a storm and I can't wait each Christmas to see what magic she has knitted up. Once again, thanks for hosting the party. Diane

  4. Yes, I like knitted and crocheted items, too. That little dress looks so soft :)

  5. Love that blanket and scarf!!!!

  6. Girl, I was going to write my posty on this type of thing too!!! I'll make it a tad different, but we can be WILW knitting sisters today:)
    I love this meme...I've told you this before right?!

  7. oh wow that quilt is amazing, I need to show this to my sisters who love knit/crochet goodies
    Thanks for sharing what you love with all of us.
    Rachel Hope

  8. I adore knitted and crocheted lovelies. I have attempted both but can't get into it. So I admire others work.
    p.s. I love the new look of your blog!! :)

  9. How beautiful!! I taught myself how to knit with a loom (the cheater way as some knitters/crocheters tell me haha!) but I cannot make anything half as beautiful as these! It is my goal (maybe new years resolution?) to learn how to knit beyond my comfort zone!! Gorgeous finds! <3

  10. Darn it! I missed entering mine today. What time does WILW end?


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