Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pretty Clever {No. 8} with guest tutorial from Knitty Bitties

Hello and Happy Day! I'm Andrea from Knitty Bitties {shop / blog} and I'm excited to share a little tutorial with you today for Pretty Clever Tuesday's here at Lollipops.
For months I've had a large embroidery hoop hanging empty on the wall next to my cutting/sewing table. I knew what I wanted to do with it, it was just finding the time {or making the time} to create it. This pushed me to do that {hurray!} and I documented it so you could make one too! Hoop Art Inspiration Board
Supplies needed:: Embroidery Hoop (mine is 18" and purchased at JoAnns for 50% off) Fabric #1 (large enough to cover the hoop plus a few additional inches on each side) Fabric #2 (large enough to fold in half and create a pocket for the bottom third of the hoop) Batting (large enough to cover the hoop plus a few additional inches on each side) Foam Core (2 Sheets)
Start by tracing your inner hoop circle onto each sheet of foam core. Cut foam core using a utility knife. **Be Careful!!**
Press two cut circles of foam core into the inner hoop so that the foam core lays flat with the front of the hoop.
Remove the outer hoop and layer your materials as follows on top of the inner hoop:: Batting Fabric #1 Fabric #2 (Folded in half to create a pocket. I added two lines of stitching to mine, but this is optional)
Make sure everything is lined up and carefully place the outer hoop on top of the layer and tighten it into place, carefully stretching material (especially the pocket) as needed to lay nice and smooth.
Flip hoop over and trim the excess batting as close to the hoop as you can. Then trim Fabric #1/#2, leaving a 1" border.
Using your hot glue gun, work in 8-10" sections, add a line of glue to the inside of the inside hoop and fold over fabric. At the pocket, you will need to work in layers (glue Fabric #1 first, then the first piece of Fabric #2 and then the second piece of Fabric #2).
Turn over and whaaa-laa ... Admire your work!!


oh my Andrea! love!
what do you think friends?

ok go make your hoop art inspiration board and
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  1. Oooh I love embroidery hoop crafts!!!

  2. That is really pretty! And such a good idea!


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