Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Monday

i need to read this quote often...
it is very true in all aspects of life. i especially need it for business.
we can't be every service and/or product for everyone.
look at all the hugely successful big brands and you'll see,
they have a few things they are passionate about and they focus on those.
there was either already a market or niche or they found one.
i never did wedding invites, i was more passionate about playdate cards, party invitations, stationery, and prints. i never did letterpress either. i could have easily added these services, but i wasn't as passionate about them and would have needed to take away time and resources from my current services to research and implement the new services. 

we evolve. our passions are not stagnant. 
we grow.
currently i am still passionate about my paper services, and now i am also passionate about web design and very passionate about studying and preparing for acting.
my paper is all set so i don't need a huge investment of time and resources going in that direction. i have directed those resources to web designing and investing more time into my education for the screen. 

this quote reminds me that i am good at certain things for a reason, i am passionate about paper, web design and acting because those are the gifts God has given me. i could sew dresses, clean houses, and nanny on top of everything else {we are talented, smart, wonderfully made beings} but there is only so much time in a day and time on one thing means less time on another. i already feel scattered with the large responsibility of my design business and the lofty goal of acting.

i just try to plan, stay focused on the tasks for the day, find inspiration all around me, pray, and move forward. 

has being everything to everyone ever been a struggle for you?
what are you doing to balance and focus?