Monday, May 14, 2012

How to Pack for a Craft Weekend

for 8 years now my girlfriends and i have gone away for 3-4 days to a scrapbook retreat.
we are getting ready to go this weekend, and i cannot wait!
everybody brings a few of their favorite goodies...
sweet, fun, snacky snacks :)
k-cups for the keurig coffee maker.
mini cokes!
and a few oreos.

rule number 1. 
under no circumstances should you bring or wear jeans,
or any fixed waist for that matter.
you will need elastic, trust me.

ah, much better.

getting the theme here? cozy, comfortable. relax. enjoy. this is your getaway :)

"don't forget your toothbrush."

you are sharing a potty... just sayin.
it might smell like roses to you...

between chatting, crafting, and eating - a little time with your 
favorite mags is always nice.
bring a book to read before bed. 
rule number 2. don't bring a real page turner! 
your girlfriends will have to burn it so that you can emerge from your reading cocoon.
(i am not saying To Kill a Mockingbird isn't good, it's great, 
however, classics seem to be less addicting.)

bring a few chick flicks for late night crafting, chatting...
laughing, crying.

now onto the goods...
crafts :)
goodies, supplies, tools.
(unless you are attending a hosted craft weekend that 
provides all your crafting goodies for you)

ideas, inspiration :)

for scrapbookers: don't forget your photos. many a weekend, gals would 
drive all the way back home to get their photos. not fun.

other things to bring:
hair products
blow dryer
curling iron
are you going away on a craft weekend soon?
what are your favorite crafting snacks and movies?