Tuesday, May 29, 2012

here goes nothin...

hello friends, i have dearly missed you. i wanted to tell you something,
why i have not been as attached to my blog as usual.
it is hard for me to share as i believe some of you may not understand,
but here goes nothin...
it seems i've fallen off the virtual cliff of the internet world. back in March i felt God nudging me and i had to ask myself WHY i wasn't pursuing my lifelong dream. i had to take a break from regular blogging, tweeting, and whatnot to research, pray, listen, ask... pursue. at this time i feel i can blog regularly again while pursuing my big (pipe) dream. it is hard to have an identity and then add to that identity without feeling like you've kicked out your readers and friends. i will always love photography, blogging, paper, handmade, and all the great friends i have made along the way.

we are not one dimensional, however, this seems hard to communicate in the blogging world in some instances; like handmade paperie and blogging and mom go together fine. what about handmade paperie, foodie, photographer, decorator, blogger? not so sure. or what about handmade paperie, blogger, web designer, mom, movie-star? hmmmm. well, i guess it doesn't sound so bad to say it out loud, takes some getting used to. (the latter is me) this is big news.

besides my family and God, my main focus now is web design, blogging, and acting. i hope you take this news with heart and understanding that we are all passionate people with big dreams and aspirations. the plan is to create income with my love of web design to help fund my dream. as acting takes off (fingers crossed) i plan to design less and act more. you are welcome to pray that God gives me the wisdom to thoughtfully choose each step along my path. i would love for you to continue to join me on this big exciting journey as i share the ins and outs, ups and downs, and events that take place along the way!

thank you for your amazing friendships.

feel free to ask any questions :)