Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pretty Clever: Tuesday Tutorial Linky Party!! {No.1}

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Here's a tutorial from my archives :)

Here is a tutorial on family file folders...

take some manila folders - i used these used ones.

pick out your favorite 12X12 paper. 
i used creative memories jewel heritage paper.
 you can use any of your favorites, 
i liked a coordinating pack so i didn't have to think. 

with a pencil trace your folder onto the paper of your choice.

cut paper.

take a nice glue stick and slather your blank folder one side at a time.
line up paper onto folder and press down.
take a good ruler and slide across paper to 
smooth it out and get it nice and tight.

you can do the outside and the insides if you like.
i chose to do the insides so that it cheers me up while doing paperwork!

print out each person's name or whatever the titles to your folders are.
do not print the first letter of each title.
i used the font helvetica neue ultralight.

then with your cricut cut out the first letter of each name or title.
i used alphalicious for the cricut.
you can also use letter stickers.

then cut out a circle or use a circle punch - 
use your letter to measure what is the best size
line everything for the title up before glueing it down.
when you like it, glue it.

here are mine:

i picked up a file holder from office max...

 to hold them like this

they sit on my bookcase next to my desk for quick access.
i use them for schoolwork, pending projects, 
ideas and a spot to file papers before dealing with them.
i despise paperwork piling up so this is fabulous for me.

plan for about 4 hours for 5 folders start to finish.



  1. this is a very cute idea. thanks for adding this to your already wonderful blog.

  2. this is adorable. i love love love it.

    also. i *just* realized that the door on your header is labeled "creative arcade."

    LOVE it!!


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